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Flex In is the on-site program provided in secure detention centers, foster care and other facilities in New York. The Flex Dance Program teaches incarcerated youth how to express themselves through a positive outlet, promote creativity, and keep youth socially engaged and mindful. An inclusive and creative community-based setting gives students a secure base to create and express themselves. We teach students how to dance, which fosters success and pride and ultimately curbs recidivism. 

We feel it is important to introduce an outside option to the young students we work with on the inside. After the students are released, we encourage them to join our Flex Out Program to continue their growth and rejoin the community.

FlexIN – FlexOUT is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), and Carnegie Hall NeON.

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Teaching Artist

“One student especially looked like he was going to be hard to reach first. I told him a piece of advice one of the Teachers- Konqueror gave me. “Dance is in everyone, but it’s not for everyone.” As a kid, we didn’t care where we were, who was around or what they said…


Teaching Artist

“I ran into a kid today on the train that I was teaching while he was locked up… He is out now & we got to talk real quick. Said he was staying out of trouble & getting enrolled into college. Said that our classes (flex dance program) made his stay at Horizons a lot less stressful…


Head Teaching Artist

“First I let the music move me then I move the music.” 

“We have been teaching each other and others in the community for so long, we decided to take it to another level. That’s why we’re here today…

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