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Raspberry Popsicles

Teaching Artist

Marie Borden was inspired to dance watching Michael Jackson, Omarion , Aaliyah and few others. She continues to watch their videos and self taught herself how to do dance. Dance for her is a form of expression that she is able to express herself in dance if she can't explain it in words. She says: "Hopefully my movements will help you understand what I’m trying to say. Or if I’m going through a rough day I’m able to express what I’m going through in my dance.My biggest achievement is gigs and also doing volunteer work. I love the feedback from others who either book me to do a performance or if I’m teaching. Either putting a smile on someone's face because either then understands your dance and they felt what you was feeling to make them feel they can relate. Also able to someone what the capabilities but showing new to express themselves in the couldn’t before".Marie is a dance instructor/ assistant in FDP. She teaches the youth and adults how important to stretch before starting dancing and also teach what I know about flexn. 

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