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Raspberry Popsicles

Development Director, Co-founder

Ragnhild Bruland (Ragz) grew up in Norway where she studied psychology at the University of Oslo. She has a background in musical theater, dance youth education. Ragz earned her MA in psychology from the New School for Social Research in 2014. During her studies, she decided to develop the Flex Dance Program for youth in Secure Detention after being inspired by the advanced art-form of flexing. She works with an Interdisciplinary Team of skilled Flex street dancers who mentor the kids, and inspire them to dance. She strongly believes in the value of artistic expression and its positive effects on mental health. Her research interests include how institutions affect the development of identity, and the influence of dance on resilience and coping. Ragnhild is pursuing a PhD in Research Psychology at The New School for Social Research. Her dissertation aims to explore the efficacy and benefits of dance mentoring programs.

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