We provide free dance and mentoring sessions for youth in and out of detention centers.


Our mission is to use Flex Dance (Flexn) to foster positive growth among young people in difficult circumstances through dance and creative mentorship. By providing positive outlets for self-expression, Flex Dance Program teaches participants healthy solutions to avoid conflict and enable personal growth.

The Flex Dance Program employs renowned dancers from local communities to develop dance routines with our students, promoting self-esteem, cooperation, and communication.

We seek to transform physical energy into positive, non-verbal self-expression that offers an alternative to conflict. Creative development is a key component of the Flex Program. Artists instruct and perform as a company.


The Flex Dance Program promotes creativity and keeps our students engaged and socially aware. We provide them with a sense of pride and foster success during and after recreational periods.


Flex (Flexn) is a unique form of dance that originated on the streets of Brooklyn, New York in the 1990s. The Avantgarde art form is inspired by Dancehall and Bruk Up dance from Jamaica.

Elements of Flex dance incorporate waving, connecting, hat tricks, bone-breaking, and gliding. Flex dance is distinguished by its contortionist body movements, and it’s “no-rules”, narrative story-telling capabilities.


Because of the reactive nature of Flex, the dancer is often inspired by his immediate environment and is free to tell his or her own story, making for a very emotional performance. 

Flex Dance Program Inc.

154 Grand Street 12A

Brooklyn, NY 11249


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